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Some of The Best iPhone and iPad Apps That You Must Have

One side benefit that we can now use the iPhone or iPad certainly there at ease. And this easiness can be derived from the application that you embed in your gadget.

iPad and iPhone

iPad and iPhone

Of course you do not want to miss some of the following applications. Although it does not require you to have it but these are some applications that appeal to me. Lanjutkan membaca

Download WordPress for iOS 2.8

Now you can download WordPress for iOS 2.8. On this version there are many enhancement. Specially for iPhone user now you can quick photos and publish it in your WordPress blog.

WordPress for iOS 2.8 Screenshot

WordPress for iOS 2.8 Screenshot


Another major enhancement that I really like is integrated with WordPress Stats added translations to Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Bosnian, Hebrew, German, Dutch, French, and Croatian. More details check it on iOS WordPress Blog

Well done. Now download WordPress for iOS 2.8 using this iTunes Link

Facebook Acquires Snaptu

Facebook the biggest social networking site has been acquires Snaptu. I think this is the great deal to Bring Social Networking to Feature Phones.

Snaptu Mobile

Snaptu Mobile

Snaptu is a startup from Israel, like we all know that, Snaptu’s technology is designed to bring web service such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to almost any phone through a series of applications it has designed. The company’s Java-based apps replicate many of the features of smartphone apps, but make them accessible to the millions of people that don’t own a smartphone.

In this year 2011, Snaptu will be created iPhone Apps version. Let’s see and waiting what will Snaptu offering to iOS user.

HTC Desire Froyo OTA Update available

My HTC Desire got OTA Update to Froyo (Android 2.2)  August 1, 2010. Many enhancement added. The Most updated is better speed on overall system and on the browser. And this is  more details featured on Android 2.2 Froyo

HTD Desire with Android Froyo

HTD Desire with Android Froyo

Android Froyo (2.2) using New Compiler, they call it JIT (Just In Time Compiler), Android Team said, it’s more faster than eClair (2.1) Some days ago a NexusOne with Android 2.2 beated its “brother” with Android 2.1 in a benchmarch test (Linpack for Andorid), the first is 450% faster. Android Froyo built it in New Browser with many new featured such as

  • HTML 5 standars compatibility
  • APIs able to interact with cell sensors and camera
  • New V8 engine

And it’s 2x – 3x faster on Javascript performance. On Froyo you can enjoy Flash based website included Flash Based Games (Goodbye iPhone 4 and iPad) ;) Lanjutkan membaca

Download Opera Mini 5 Beta

Opera Mini 5 Beta now can be the best choice of web browser for smartphone or Java-based mobile. This free software already fulfilled with the mobile Internet access features which are as comfortable as access at the computer such as serve tab, speed dial, and manager password.

With tab, many web addresses can be open together for an example open in the same time the Facebook address, Twitter, Google, etc. The users are only moving into one address to another address with free without have to leave the previous address. Moreover there is no limit how many pages that can be open.

Speed dials shows 9 thumbnail the user web’s address on the front page when the browser is in active. This feature is easy to make access to the famous pages or the most frequently visited with faster because you only press the thumbnail without have to type the web’s address

Opera Mini 5 Beta also already support the manager password which is will keep the login address and the user password to many sites. With this feature, browsing to the sites which ask the identity and password such as an email, social sites, and forum can does faster without retype.

Besides that features, Opera Mini 5 Beta also come with fresh new looks. Designed for comfort able to the set of keypad or even touch screen basis. The navigation using special panel, that panel serve the button to speed dial, back, next, reload, and shutdown. At the central part also there is menu for setting, bookmark, history, saved pages, find in page, and help.
At the front page also a menu to Google search to faster the search, but no choices to change the basic color theme as previous version.

To get this software downloads directly by type at web’s browser which is you already used. Opera Mini 5 Beta will not replace the previous version so you can compare the benefits.

Toyota Camry Virginia

Toyora Camry

I think many people know about this car from Japan that entered to the America’s market, especially Toyota Camry Virginia. Toyota Camry 2009 will be released next year already take much attention of the Japanese car lovers. The design that more gorgeous and has supported with hybrid technology that was very economical for petrol fuel. The largest Dealer in United State, Virginia did the test drive to prove the comfortable and strength of this Japanese car.

I was convinced will succeed in being accepted the market for the Asian and also in Europe and America, because of the superiority from Toyota Camry this really amazed many people and that made me really was interested being the hybrid technology that could make us thrifty and could travel with Toyota Camry this calmly without thinking about gas station whatever that must be visited when we held for a long way trip.

I believe this not like other Europe car maybe has some flexibility and some comfortable to introduce, but when I have try the previous version of this Toyota Camry I just falling in love with this car. I’d like to try immediately the reliability from this Toyota Camry, So, you may visited the Largest Dealer in Virginia, because now they launch test drive of these several type of Toyota Camry.