How To Fix PocketMoney iPhone App Sync

PocketMoney is my currently app to manage my finance. This app have nicely UI and many feature inside. Before using PocketMoney, I've tested Expenditure (too simple) and Money 5 / iBearMoney (too complicated and buggy). Like on MoneyWell, PocketMoney have Desktop Apps too. The Desktop Application much cheaper (19$) than MoneyWell ($49.99). Main problem that … Continue reading How To Fix PocketMoney iPhone App Sync

MoneyWell for iPhone

You can Download MoneyWell for iPhone using AppStore or iTunes. Please notes, I have tested so many Finance Appls for iPhone, from very simple apps trough very complex  apps. I have tested Expenditure a very simple apps as Finance App and very complex apps such as Money (previously iBearMoney). Now, I currently use PocketMoney and … Continue reading MoneyWell for iPhone