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Matikan Semua Animasi iPhone agar iPhone lebih cepat

Cara Praktis Mempercepat Kinerja iPhone

Cara Mempercepat Kinerja iPhone (semua versi) dengan cara sederhana dan memanfaatkan Screen Glitch dari iOS 9.x. Perlu diketahui agar cara ini sukses perlu dicoba beberapa kali sampai fungsi animasi tersebut mati dan tidak berfungsi.

Tips ini ditemukan oleh Penulis 9to5Mac Jeff Benjamin. Caranya adalah dengan mematikan secara total semua animasi di perangkat iOS 9.x, yang dilakukannya pun “rodo” memanfaatkan bugs atau mungkin bisa jadi itu semacam Hidden Settings. Lanjutkan membaca

Changing your Facebook Layout

Bored with the facebook layout without any variation, does not like myspace or friendster that we can Customize accordance with our wishes. Then you need to tried this one. We can changes and customize the Facebook layout by our self.

I made this article for you who like to Customize the look and to full fill if you’re searching from google with this keywords :

  • how to change layout of facebook
  • layout facebook tutorial
  • change facebook layouts
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In fact, there are many people seek on this articles. And after search some websites, blogs, and groups that contain tutorial how to change Facebook Layout, I found two different ways:

1. Changing the view of facebook layout using (for mozila firefox user)

  • download add-ons mozzilafacebook_heroes
  • click “add to firefox”, install and restart mozilla firefox.
  • Choose your display here and here.
  • Click on the button “Load into Stylish”.
  • Save and refresh your facebook page.

2. Changing the view of facebook layout using (for the user mozila firefox and internet explorer)

  • Visit Yontoo website.tampilan_facebook
  • Select “Start Installation”
  • install Add-ons and restart mozila
  • Install PageRage application on facebook
  • Select your display
  • Now you can See your Profile

No.1 only works on computers that have installed their own add-on stylish

No.2 only way to work on the computers that are installed add-on Yontoo and install the facebook application pagerege. And this will allows others to view our facebook if they do the same.

Till now, there are no way to change the view and to see all the facebook layouts.