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Chests Clash Royale

Memahami Chest Reward Clash Royale

Memahami Chest Reward(Peti Hadiah) Clash Royale; Di Clash of Royale, setiap kita duwel/tarung/battle dan menang, kita akan mendapatkan Chest atau Peti. Nah peti-peti ini akan berisikan beberapa hal, seperti Gold, Gem dan Card atau Kartu.

Nah kalau kita Lucky atau beruntung kita akan bisa mendapatkan Kartu2 yang Istimewa. Di Clash Royale juga ada Free Chest yang akan diberikan setiap 4 jam. Dimana maksimal hanya 2 Chest yang bisa ditahan. Lanjutkan membaca

How to get Google+ notifications directly on your Windows desktop when receive an updates

On this occasion I will share tips and tricks about Google+. If in previous writings to review about the Facebook and Twitter. Tips that will we learn is how to get desktop notifications when you receive an updates.

Google Plus

Google Plus

The Google toolbar works for staying up-to-date on what’s happening in Google+. But you need to keep a browser open all day. Here’s how to get Google+ notifications directly on your Windows desktop. Lanjutkan membaca

How To Fix High memory usage on Firefox

I am totally big fan Mozilla Firefox, I still use Mozilla Firefox as main browser. There are a lot of alternate for the nicely browser on my MacBook Pro, I can use Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Flock, Camino and many more. But I still chooses Mozilla Firefox.

Reduce Memory on Mozilla Firefox

Reduce Memory on Mozilla Firefox

But, this is sad but true, the problem that almost happen on me, is High Memory usage on my Firefox. And this is didn’t good :( So I try to find the solutions and here is some trick to reduce or fix high memory usage on Mozilla Firefox Lanjutkan membaca

Gregorius Examples of Transparent Screen Trick Photos

Today, I read Smashing Magazine website and really interested to re publish some post about Transparent Screen Tricks photos. This collections is taken from many resource and SmashMags put it on one post. I will choose some of the that I think really genius transparent screen tricks I ever seen. Check it out and do you have others photos? let’s me knows.

Transparent Tablet

Transparent Tablet

Transparent Tablet

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Filter caption-shortcode in WordPress

For many reason, there are a lot of blogger using WordPress as they publishing platform. Free, easy to use and a lot of extend available on the net. WordPress Theme, WordPress Plugin with many licensed available.


On this post, I will show you some tricks. This tricks is replace default caption-shortcode on wordpress and enhanced with much better caption. Default wordpress caption-shortcode added extra style margin each caption. This extra code is good if you are using standard style design. But for many wordpress designer, need extra style for caption, that why you’ll need this code. Lanjutkan membaca