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How To Disable WordPress Search

How To Disable WordPress Search? I got the answer from WPEngineer.com, This nice tips is will disable WordPress Search more easy and of course easy to do. Why disable WordPress search? Here some of my reason. Some time WordPress based application didn’t need this featured.

Here we go, If you set the variable $error to true, then you will be fowarded to the error page of the theme, if not, then you will remain on the page from where the search was started.

Awesome WordPress Shortcode Tips

Have you ever now, that WordPress support shortcode? With shortcode we can easy insert some code or function on the post. Example we can put some Advertisement on the post without write a lot of bloated code. We can save a lot of time with shortcode.

The shortcode syntax varies, here are some examples:

  • [shortcode]
  • [shortcode atribute=”value”]
  • [shortcode]Text[/shortcode]

Shortcodes can be created to perform a handful of useful functions. To use any of the shortcodes in this post I recommend adding the functions to your functions.php theme file (create it if it does not exist!).

Free WordPress Theme: Palestine

PalestineFree WordPress Theme, build with Grid Basic Layout, Black color and unique design in detail. Palestine also featured special archive. Why I give the name of this theme Palestine? It’s because I don’t want any war on earth. And right now there are unbelievable wars that currently happen in Palestine, More than 1000 people have been killed. Most of them are children.

Tips Hijriah Themes FREE Version

Jauhari has just launch the new Themes called HIJRIAH. I have download it and try into my local wordpress 2.7. Now I’d like to share a tips to handle this Hijriah themes Free so it will make it pretty and powerful.

1. Customize Themes Functions on functions.php

By default Hijriah Themes has default setting with some variables that we can changes as we wish for. Here’s the code at functions.php

// Theme Variable
$totale = 5;
$cat_exclude = ‘4,7,8,48’;

$totale means the total of post per page like we usually set on the options of wp-admin. This variable has the effect of the recent post at the sidebar. You will see the recent post will not shows the title of the post list at the main page and when you click the detail at single page the recent post will shows like usually.


We can manage the top navigation, because it’s created using the categories. $cat_exclude means the category id list that won’t appear at the navigation. If you has many categories and put the opposite of this setting, you can changes the exclude become include function and here’s the step :

Free WordPress Theme: hijriah

Happy Islamic New Year 1430H everyone. I’d like to introduce a new WordPress Themes called HIJRIAH, hijriah is another magazine style wordpress theme. This is the third version of the magazine style. Before hijriah I had released Hamasaki and Pemuda / Pro-Pemuda, and now the next generation of WordPress themes (hijriah).

You will found a lot of featured on this hijriah themes, such as Custom Image header with admin settings, A lot of widget avaliable, Category navigation, Thumbnail image (Autogenerate and detection image without or with custom field that available in Premium version), Features Post (Premium version), Social Bookmars Integration (Premium Version), FeedBurner and Stats integration (Premium version) Multi Color Pack included and many more. You can grab the free version here, or you can get the Premium version with 49$ here.

How To Fix WordPress 2.6 Missing Categories

A friend of mine got a problem with his newly upgrade Wordpress (2.6.2) that is missing categories. The problem occured randomly. If the categories showed correctly and then he clicked it, there was no post assosiated (404 Not Found).

Thanks to Google. There are so many people faced the same problem and they have solutions also. Funponsel.com gave a quick solution to fix the problem.

You just need to run this query:

UPDATE wp_term_taxonomy,wp_terms SET wp_term_taxonomy.description = wp_terms.name WHERE wp_term_taxonomy.term_id = wp_terms.term_id

You may also check other solutions if the solution above is not working.