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If we’re talking about technology in the Internet, I believed you can found many website that provide it with many information. This post would like to talk about bringing your information about technology with your own personal ways and your own opinion. In other way you can bring your tech news in the house. For your information, you can see Edward Khoo’s blog at

When an information repackaged with personal opinion could make reader interesting about what we talking about. It’s because usually a writer or blogger already has enough knowledge or even already try this technology and want to shared with the readers, so his articles could be nice to read and this condition make the readers will follow the next post.

the on his blog already done this. He dig some information about those articles, combine with his experience and with personal touch I think it’s nice to read. So, if you’re interesting doing what edwardkhoo do then do it right now and never wasting your time doing something unuseful. Keep blogging everybody.



  1. wis2 . . . iki ciri wancine wong new-yorkarta . .
    lir ginawa mati temenan . . . .
    urip nggik ngalam pisan . . . . dijamin sampek kewut EXTREME!
    gak perkara ekstrim kiwa apa tengen, wingking napa NGAJENG!
    *blaik! . . . wedhi kliru ae nulis nga<eng, wis ah . .

  2. Technology is great, however some technology interferes with everyday life. Such as breathalyzer technology that isn’t critiqued or even allowed to be analyzed.

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