Technology Gadgets that use Body heat

The technology had been developed. And growing, then the resulting technology is also increasingly sophisticated. Even in the near future, is likely to create a gadget that uses the body’s source of energy in the form of heat, such as a battery that no longer exist today.

heat gadget technology

The possibility can be realized after the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ( KAIST ) managed to make a small-sized generator thermo electric. The thermoelectric generator also has a super slim size and can be folded or flexible.

To make these technologies, the KAIST make a thermoelectric generator and print it on a thin glass using screen printing techniques. Not only small, thermoelectric generators also have the ability to generate electricity is 10 times higher than usual thermoelectric generator.

With these capabilities, do not rule out the possibility that this technology will soon be applied to the wearable device. Moreover, with this technology, an electronic device no longer require batteries as the primary energy source, but only used as a backup and utilize body heat.

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