The best WordPress plugin to Try

WordPress plugin is an additional program that can be integrated with WordPress to provide other functions that are not available in the standard installation. The following are various plugins are taken from the official website of

best wordpress plugin for blog

This is the default wordpress plugin, but to activate it requires a key that can be obtained for free by first registration ( can be seen in Akismet Configuration menu ). Akismet is very useful for menfilter comments only form of spam , ads and so on. سكرل The results of the filter is fairly good, although sometimes there are one or two that are not filtered out of the hundreds of incoming spam.

Advanced admin menus
If you often go to the admin panel page and often access the menus available, may be quite inconvenient ( time-consuming ) when having to frequently switch between sub- menus. Especially with a connection , for loading the menu just sometimes have to wait long. With these plugins, the wordpress admin menu into a drop down menu, so it condense access time . سباق الخيل في مصر

Google sitemaps
This plugin for generating XML sitemap of your blog, this format is supported, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search. With this sitemap help search engines to index your blog . اشهر لاعب قمار في العالم

M – vslider
This plugin is used to add photo galleries, video posting and more easily allows us to look for it and make us look better wordpress.

All- in-one SEO Pack
Plugin All in one SEO Pack function to display the title of the page that is SEO friendly, add the Description and Keywords meta tags automatically and avoiding duplicate content.

Plugin bStat serves to capture the queries that are used by visitors to get to our blog articles, SEO strengthening, using a large database resource so powerful server needed.

CA – Title
This plugin function to create a title page in accordance with the format we want, each type of page ( post, page , category , etc ) that can have different formats, it also supports the UTW plugin and can display tags UTW Tag archive page.

CHAP Secure Login
The plug – in works using CHAP protocol. This protocol encrypts the password and transfer them safely to the server. So , every login, password encrypted be random numbers so they can close the gap to the hackers, who will be decrypted to identify as a unique user and server authentication by WordPress. Transformation of information that is processed using md5 protocol transformation.


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