The concept of Building a computer network

The term Computer Network is not foreign to us are well accustomed to working in the field of computers. But for some people the term is not so popular yet in their daily activities using this facility. For example, a computer operator who daily use a program application that can be accessed on all the computers in the office. This can happen because these computers are connected in a computer network.

the concept of computer networking

Computer network is a combination of two or more computers that are connected with each other using communication protocols through a transmission medium that can share resources (printers, CD-ROMs etc), exchange data or files (sharing) and communication. While the term Local Area Network (LAN) is a type of computer network, the scope of which was served in an office, a building or a school.

The purpose of the construction of a computer network is to share resources (printers, CD-ROMs etc), exchange data or files (sharing), sharing the connection and communication between computers. Computer networks significantly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the way to save time and costs, and accelerate the decision-making process.

The purpose of writing this article the reader is expected to add insight and understand the concept of building a simple computer networks so useful for self-development both within the company and outside the company. To build a simple computer network we need some hardware (hardware) and software (software) that is:

1. A computer that will be used as a server.
2. Some of the computers to be used as a client server.
3. Cable using UTP cable Cat.5 / Cat.6
4. Switching / Hub
5. Network Interface Card (NIC)
6. Software (Operating System)

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