The ‘Icy’ HTC Touch Diamond

The HTC released new HTC’s Touch Diamond with Icy looks. Why I called it Icy, because by default the color of this gadget is Snow White and it’s look cool. Accodring to reghardware, the specification was not far from the black released, it’s only for  fashion-conscious communicators with high tech. They were not mention about the prices, but we predicted if it’s near with the Black Touch Diamond it’s about 600 USD. To view the detail specification here.

HTC Diamond Icy
HTC Diamond Icy


  1. HTC, one of the emerging brand and has become the darling of those gadget-freak as well as others with techno-savvy fellow.. indeed it lloks sexy, however personally would love to see it tested first.. ain;t gonna be the first adapter like those with early Iphone buyers..

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