The new features in Android KitKat 4.4

Some of the new features available in the Android KitKat which can be directly seen of them is the ability to use all of the display screen (immersive mode) without black bars or buttons are very useful when you are watching a video or reading a book.

best android kitkat features

Features in Android KitKat others such as the ability to be able to directly access Google Now simply by saying “OK I” from the home screen, phone app that can search for an unknown phone number on the web, support Mobile Printing through Google Cloud Print and HP ePrint, support The new type of sensors such as pedometers and step sensors.

Android KitKat also mentioned more friendly to smartphones or tablet-type low-end since claimed to be able to run smoothly with 512 MB ​​of RAM memory. This can be achieved because of the increased memory management and optimization in the kernel, system, and application framework.

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