The real power of your Notebook battery

In the ads notebooks, usually always included the length of battery power. For example, the battery lasts up to 5 hours of use. But once the notebook is in use, just 3 hours you already have to charge it again.

Notebook Battery
Notebook Battery

So whether it’s a lie notebook manufacturer, or is there something wrong? Here is the explanation.

  1. In general, the battery strength is tested by an application called MobileMark. When running the test, a practical notebook is not running anything, ie not connected to Wi-Fi, no CD is playing, no additional devices and others. The results of this testing is used as reference to determine the duration of battery power. gruppentreffen in fribourg While we use when the notebook itself, certainly not the same condition as when testing. Resulting in battery life is not the same as advertised. This is analogous to the consumption of fuel in motor vehicles. If there are claims of a vehicle requires 1 liter of fuel for 50 Km. That’s because the vehicle was run continuously in a constant speed, without stopping the process and the way again. lucerne single gruppen If this is practiced in driving activity seharihari, of the ratio of 1:50 would not be proved. Because of course we hit the road traffic, the road a bit and then stop again. Things like that can increase fuel consumption. single börse sz
  2. The way we use the notebook certainly different in every person. There are fond of playing games on the notebook, there is just to type it, and so on.
  3. The longer you have a notebook, the effectiveness of the batteries will continue to decline. Coupled with the process repeated charging, the battery resistance would be reduced. That is why many people who sell batteries for notebooks long output. Because the battery, such as Li-ion, has an average age of 2 to 3 years.

Use your notebook as well as possible, avoid the use of time without the charger.


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