The smart way to save Battery tablet

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battery tabletBattery consumption tablet android operating system is known for extravagant. Moreover, if consumers continue to turn on the data connection. Not to mention a lot of application usage and requires automatic updates, use of facilities and activities streaming connectivity also contributed to siphon power source. For it is better to do the setup on the tablet so that the battery can last longer, setting up what should be done? Do you have to be clever – clever manage all the functions, features and applications that are used. Following these simple tips:

  1. GPS, using GPS as needed. Because this feature is large enough to suck the battery resource. Because, the GPS will continue to try to connect with a satellite or network operator. To find out whether the GPS is active or not, can see the status in the notification bar. For settings, go to the settings menu> location
  2. WiFi, the same treatment can also be done for WiFi. If not used, preferably disable it. Or it could also still activate it, but did bit of adjustment. Menu settings> wireless & networks> wifi settings. Tap on the menu button> advanced> wifi sleep policy> never.
  3. Mobile networks, in addition to going continuously connected to the data / internet, which would also drain pulses, enabling this feature will also continue to suck up the battery. For settings, go to settings> wireless & networks> Mobile networks> Enable always-on mobile data.
  4. Screen time out and brightness, both options can also be draining the battery. For that, do a little bit settings. Select the standard eg 30 seconds in the menu settings> display> screen time out / brightness.
  5. Wallpaper, to save battery, make sure to use a standard wallpaper, not the nature 3D/animation. To perform this setting, press menu on homescreen mode> wallpaper. In some tablets, these settings may vary.
  6. Bluetooth, when not in use, turn off Bluetooth. Want to menu settings> wireless & networks> Bluetooth.
  7. Automatic updates, the menu is actually quite helpful to monitor a range of amenities and features, including other important notifications. However, it is worth doing the settings periodically. Go to the menu settings> accounts & sync.
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  1. PC tablet battery when not treated properly can be easily damaged, especially if its use continuously without stopping
    Thanks for the tips above, it is very useful for me
    And success always for you

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