Thunderbird version 8.0

At this time if you have a lot of email I feel its have become commonplace, such as personal email, office email, to the email that is specially made for specific purposes, such as mailing lists and social media. Mozilla Foundation makes software called Thunderbird, which in this application allows you to receive and send email through your desktop and not through the existing facilities on the web browser. Email stored in your account will be downloaded to a computer, so you can view them offline even if you do not have Internet connection.

thunderbird1At the Thunderbird version 8.0, this application is equipped with several features and facilities adequate to the needs of your email, with the Mozilla Gecko engine 8.0. If you often install third party add on, by default Thunderbird is in disabled mode, so it is quite safe to use. In addition, with this application there are some shortcuts you use most frequently, which features Search and Find.

Hopefully with Thunderbird your email client is able to give you comfort in using the Internet more wisely. Although the capability of this app is pretty good, it’s good for you to try some other applications, which may be one of the references in selecting a facility to be used to send or receive email. But if you need to upgrade your features, maybe you can download various patches for this application, whereas using some of patch for this you can comfort to use this application. How do you think? Interested to try this apps?

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