Tips on choosing a Template for blog

blogging templateBlog and website will be very useful for those of you who have not mastered the technique or how to make a template. Especially for those who are just learning to create a blog or website, typically the beginner prefer to download or buy someone else’s work theme. After yesterday discussing tips for google seo friendly blogger template penguin, the following tips in choosing a theme for your blog or website.

Background color
We strongly recommend to choose a template with a white background with black text, it is recommended that visitors feel comfortable seeing posts in your site. People have been accustomed to see the writing on white paper with black text, for this reason you should choose the color template with black writing on a white background, so that visitors are already familiar.

The width of the page
Width page template is divided into 2 types, fluid and fixed.

  • Fixed a measure of the width of the page to follow px, for example, the template width 1000px and 900px while the width of the screen, we must shift the scrol horizontally to see the whole page.
  • Fluid is a large percentage of screen width template to follow, for example if the width of the template 90% then 90% of the width of the template will automatically follow the screen size.

If the site is for personal and non-refundable (monetize) eg using google adsense fluid would be nice to choose a theme, so the ads will be more easily seen by visitors, regardless of the size of the PC screen visitors. However, if the site discusses the latest news or news that requires a lot of space to display a lot of news on the front page of the site, fixed theme can be selected.

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  1. I often change the blog template because less satisfied with my homemade template
    Thanks for the clarification and direction, I would use any prompts to choose template blog
    Always successful..

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