Tips on choosing smartphones in accordance with the wishes and your needs

There are so many brands of smartphones in the outcome there. Various features and design of the smartphone itself become an attraction like a powerful magnet. Almost not a few of us are confused when looking for a smartphone that would fit our tastes.


I was very confused looking for a smartphone for me some time ago. For that we should go back first to the definition of a smartphone. To know the functions and features that we can use.

Smartphone for me is a mobile phone itself is actually provided additional features, giving the impression to be a phone that “smart”. Here are tips for choosing smartphones:

Operating System, there are several operating systems on the market of smartphones: Windows Mobile, Google Android, Linux, Symbian, IOS, Palm, and BlackBerry. Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs of users. Google Android is a smartphone operating system that is currently booming. Android itself is a Linux kernel based operating system for mobile phones, Android has the advantage of multimedia features and has many applications in the Android market.

iOS4’s iPhone is almost the same with Android that offer a variety of applications and advantages of multimedia features. The difference, iOS4 operating system, there are only in the iPhone, but Android (because the operating system is an open-source) can be in many brands of smartphones.

BlackBerry OS is the operating system that is used only on BlackBerry phones, which can connect to the server e-mail and a special chat server, owned a BlackBerry. Thus, BB is known by its superiority in terms of social networking such as chat, email, etc.

Meanwhile, if you frequently use Microsoft products like Windows and Microsoft Office, then you can choose the device with Windows Mobile operating system.

Network, you know there are two types of networks that used the GSM and CDMA. The GSM network is known for its broad coverage area and easy to be carried out of the city, known for its CDMA network, while cheapening prices. Well, now adjust the requirement, if the price does not become an obstacle, you can select the GSM network. However, if you use it only in certain areas / do not often move around the city, CDMA can also be an alternative.

Data Transfer Speed, speed data (download / upload) is an essential requirement if you often interact with the internet to retrieve data or email / chat. Some smartphones already support 3G or HSDPA network (High Speed Downlink Package Access) or known as 3.5G. While in the CDMA network known as EVDO. The sequence of the slowest to the fastest (GSM) is: GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 3.5G (HSDPA).

WiFi, this facility can be taken into consideration for which was often in a free hotspot, so no need to spend at their own expense.

Screen Size / Display, For those who already feel enough with a small display may not be much dispute about this. However, if you need a large display you can consider to buy a touchscreen phone that the average has a large display (standard 3 “).

Supporting the application, for you who like to install the application, you may want to look back on the support of the application from the phone you choose. Maybe for those who frequently edit Office documents will require a kind of microsoft office applications. However, for those who frequent chat / send email will be more in need of a chat or an email client application.

Samsung Galaxy Gio
Samsung Galaxy Gio

Qwerty Keypad / Touchscreen, smartphone course that has keypad would be more convenient to use, for users who are not accustomed to using the full touchscreen phone. However, consider also that some brands have been providing Qwerty keypad that is shifted to the side of the phone when they want to use it.

Memory, Note also the capacity of internal and external memory is supported. Especially if you’re going to need a large enough capacity to store data.

Sales Service, if you buy a certain brand of mobile phone make sure you buy through a distributor who has a clear-sales service. Go back and check services, warranties, etc.

The most important thing is to know about your financial past, never force yourself to buy a smartphone that you do not need. Choose according to your needs. Congratulations to choose your smartphones.


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