Tips to hide Files on a Samsung Galaxy S5

Privacy for smartphone users not only threatened by cyber crime, but also from the actions of those nosy around that often open smartphone without permission, and to be honest, this is more annoying is not it? Well, apparently the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 users can safely “hide” files on his smartphone.

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Samsung insert feature where users can hide one or all of the files on the phone. Features private mode is also fairly easy to make, as well as to protect the image files, video, music, voice recordings or other files that exist on the smartphone so that only the authorized owner of the smartphone Galaxy S5 can have access.

To enable the feature on the Galaxy S5 Private Mode, which needs to be done just swap down the notification panel and there will be an option to disable private mode. Tap the icon, and then on. When Private Mode is enabled, it will display a new option to the menu or files you want to hide. For example, want to hide all files in the photo gallery, do I just need to open the gallery app on the Galaxy S5, select the image you want to hide, then press the settings button. Well after that tap on the option “Move to Private”. The setting in the same way can be carried on the music files, videos, files and so on.

After moving all the files “secret” to Private Mode, the menu can be disabled again by going back to the notifications panel, and press on private mode.

After that, if for example there are others who borrow smartphone Galaxy S5, then the hidden files in Gallery, Music App, and other files will not be visible. This feature remains even hide a file in a Private Mode when the smartphone is connected via USB. To see how to re-enable the file Private mode settings, enter the password or fingerprint, and the file will re-appear.

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