Tips to safe your email from Hackers

email logoNever lose data in your email? Or once a day you cannot open your own email address even if you are sure that the password you are using it correctly? Well it could be your email hacked or a hacker ever deliberately attacked your email. So what or who the hackers actually were? 

Hacker is the main enemy for Internet users. They are those whom intentionally study and analyze computer systems belonging to someone else even people they have never met before. They will manipulate all the data scattered the internet for their own satisfaction.

No one knows exactly what is the purpose of a hacker manipulate data belonging to someone but it is believed that it was done as a proof or for self gratification. Therefore from now on we should be a little more alert and emotion as we internet users know some tips so our email safe from hacker attack.

One way for hackers to attack our email is to guess the combination of email passwords. Therefore it is recommended to choose a password that is a bit complicated, do not just use your personal data so it can be easily guessed by hackers. If you can use a combination of letters and numbers is quite complicated. But of course do not let anyone else know.

Tips to safe our email from hacker attacks the other is for users of yahoo mail. You can use a sign-in seal which will protect you from any entrance to a mock website that deliberately created by hackers to retrieve your email password. Yahoo mail provides a sign-in seal a secret message or hidden messages that will appear only on your computer so that you will not be fooled by fake websites similar to yahoo mail.

Tip the latter is frequently change your password and also perform email recovery so that the data contained in your email immediately saved when bad things happen. With the recovery email, you may request to transmit data in an email to another email, that’s why it’s good to have more than one email.

So why wait for a long time? If you want to secure your data so it does not hurt for a little sacrifice in order to stay safe from hacker attacks. Moreover, it is not difficult way to secure your email from hacker attacks? There is no harm in trying now.

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