Tomahawk Media Player V3.0

Tomahawk Multimedia player V3.0 has been released by the developers of this application be some time ago. Although not yet entered the best available version of the application, but this application has pretty good degree of flexibility for a multimedia player that is open source. Users also have broad access to this player because it is cross platform. This player has the ability to play the various codec that exist today, and can be utilized to the fullest. Tomahawk V3.0 has been enhanced in terms of features, one of which is a global search.

tomahawk player

This capability exceeds the expectations of users are already familiar with the standard player as it provides the feature to be able to play various music charts, such as the top album and a few other songs live. View that is quite user friendly has become one of the advantages possessed by this player that will allow all users to browse all of the features in it. Some other features you may also be upgraded as needed, either in person or for multiple arrangements of music directly from your PC.

Of some existing features on this player, one of which is quite interesting is that this player is compatible with multiple operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, and Mac OS for some of the existing version. How you are interested in trying this application?

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