Track And Share Twitter Conversations

Twitter was a remarkable development, as well as the many sites popping up – there to support this application because it is shared platform for many orang. It is now difficult to track back and tracking the lines of communication became a problem when we connect with people. Recently launched TweeterClubs aims to create a real-time conversations around Tweets published to the web.

As a third-party Twitter client, they will be collected into the Tweeter Tweets Club. Users will be able to manage a particular club by prohibiting members, delete the message and also see the statistics in the club, including the number of members and the number of tweets per day. Whitehead said that will also offer TweeterClubs Android applications and will open the Twitter API for clients to incorporate their own platform functions.

Once you’ve logged into the site with your Twitter account, you can enter a tweet TweetUp tab. Your tweet will appear both in clubs and on Twitter automatically. TweeterClubs only display tweets from members of the club and when you log in, you will automatically be members. But TweeterClubs founder Jeff Whitehead says plans to open the site to enable people to make their clubs themselves.

Of course, users also can participate in the conversation on Twitter by simply adding a certain hashtag for Tweets and then find the hashtag. Other startups that help understand the specific conversations on the web is TweetGrid, and TweetConvo and Bettween.



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