Trojan, Visual Basic, and File Extension

Variety of external storagecurrently many type. Starting from the form of storage, the function, the price offered, and features available for each device. If viewed from the existing function, use the external storage we are very profitable, either in terms of ease of use, and also other benefits for each product. But if we use of external storage also has some shortages, among other very easily infected with the virus. One of the external storage devices that are easily exposed to the virus is a USB drive.

Illustrations Various kind of computer virus
Illustrations Various kind of computer virus

No we know, we often use USB drives in turn, start the computer from one computer to another. Actually this is very dangerous; because of the way likes this is usually used by the computer virus to attack us. And if this is often we do, then exposed to a virus attack is very large. Some type of virus that is easily the USB drive is a type of virus Worm, Trojan, and Malware. To recognize a USB drive that has been exposed to the virus is very easy, one is if you open a file that comes from the USB drive, and the file has the extension type (, and then the file may already be infected with Trojan horse virus.

Some viruses made with the visual basic software. In addition, another example that we can know is if we have a file format with Microsoft Word, but the file type is (application), the file may already be infected Worm virus. And if you chance to meet with the file type, it is suggested you do not click the file, why is that? Because one of the spread of the virus is a duplication of the file through the activation vbs file extension, and application files, so if we do not realize this, then the virus will easily attack your computer.

One of the most effective and simple, if we find it in a way that is right-click, and then we scan the file with antivirus that we have, so that before the computer virus attack us, then we have been clear with the use antivirus. But one thing that you should also note is that often we are expected to update the antivirus, each at least once a week. This must be because we usually do each week is always found the various virus variant with a new one.



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