Twitter has Change display profiles

Twitter Inc. change main profile design  for users to accommodate more new users to their service that is now seven-year-old. Responding to the user growth lowest during last quarter, Chief Executive Twitter, Dick Costolo said they would make a number of changes to update service.

twitter profile changed

New design that was announced described what is described Costola in February ago about desire companies experimenting with new ways to regulate content. Users can be pinned tweet who wanted to remain aloft in top part news are sent electronically an example changes format Twitter from the design order that was previously used.

Tweet gets a lot retweet or reward also will perform a little more than to invite involvement other users. The new initially is only available for a few users can be used 241 million Twitter users in a few weeks later said companies such as it was launched by Reuters news.

Twitter said users can also manage photo banner to be displayed on top of page their profile also pictures profile, far more than two features that look social media like Facebook. Twitter reports fourth quarter which is much higher than expected on 6 February but investors focused on user growth which is only a few percent the lowest level of quarterly growth since Twitter began to number of users.


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