Use Google docs to share your document easy

As with email, Google doc’s facility is a product of Google that serves to share documents and files in various formats, such as word, excel images, and several other formats. Many people are now using this service, of course, for reasons of effectiveness. You might also try some of the features available in the Google docs. Feature in Google docs is aimed at those who have high mobility and like to always get a report or files in real time and fast, both in terms of data access and ease of use.

google docsTo be able to use the services and facilities that exist in Google docs is quite easy, where you only need email account on gmail as the facility to login to the service. As for the share document with others, how to use almost the same as the email, which you should require an email address that will be incorporated into the menu for file share, so that only the email address which will be open the document you provided.

How, if you are interested in trying to use this facility? If you want an easy document to share your business relationships, I think this application is worth checking out for the sake of effectiveness and efficiency of your work.

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