Use NetCut to control bandwidth without Server

Netcut or network Cut is an application that has a function to disconnect a client from the internet by installing Netcut server. Use than one computer, you can disconnect the other computers without needing to install on the computer. In addition to disconnect the internet from the client, Netcut can also take over the bandwidth of the computer client.

netcut appsIt seems the function of this application is specifically used for office applications, where Internet usage is often not well controlled, so the internet connection becomes slow performance. But Netcut application is made for controlling the connection of each computer within a network, either wireless or LAN. With this application, you do not need to be bothered with bandwidth settings on each computer that is connected to the network through a server, where you can set up from any computer over a single network, so they can determine who is entitled to access the internet.

Netcut also very useful to protect computers from attack Address resolution protocol (ARP) spoof. ARP spoof attack is a technique that aims to disrupt the connection in the internet network. Perpetrators can also find out, manipulate, and also turn off the internet traffics.

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