Use TouchCopy apps for data transfer to iTunes

iTunes is easier for users who want to connect their Apple device to the computer to move and arrange content, either in the form of multimedia files and a list of playlists and podcasts. But often there are problems during the process of data transfer takes place, such as computer virus and had to reinstall the application. To avoid this, you could probably use some of the many free applications available on the internet, one of which is TouchCopy. With this application, as long as there is still a playlist and content on your mobile device (iPod, iPad, or iPhone), then you can connect to a computer that will automatically set it up on iTunes.

In addition it is easier to use, TouchCopy application also provides some other interesting features, of course, with a fixed priority to the primary function of the application, such as backup to the iPod, allowing you to store all your music list, movie, playlist, and several other applications by simply pressing a button in them. In addition, you can also duplicate photos and videos in iPod, iPad, and iPhone to computer. Game and app can also be stored on an existing menu in iTunes library.

Such application does offer many advantages, especially in terms of ease of use of some features in it, so it will provide comfort to users of Apple products. Hopefully with this application we can be easier to access and move files through the facility. And the most important thing is this kind of application is quite simple, both from the view menu and navigation for the user.


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