Various Internet Applications that should be to know

Currently available internet applications many and will continue to grow along with the times and advances in information technology. Below are a variety of some Internet applications that you must be to know and try to used.

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The World Wide Web. WWW is the Internet documents stored in servers located around the world. Web documents created using HTML format. Currently, almost the site using this begin initial for their site.

Email. Email or electronic mail is the Internet application for means of correspondence in electronic form. The sites that provide e-mail services such as Yahoo, Gmail, hotmail, and much more.

Mailing List. This is the Internet application used as a means of discussion or exchange of information within the group via e – mail. Using this apps, some people can communicate with other more simple and effective.

Newsgroups. Newsgroups are Internet applications that are used to communicate with each other in a forum. Typically, member forums and newsgroups have interests similar interests and discuss certain topics.

Internet Relay Chat. IRC is an Internet application used for chatting on the internet. Chatting on the internet known as chat. You can found this apps in some kind of internet model.

File Transfer Protocol. FTP is the Internet application used to send or retrieve files to or from another computer. FTP is used to download and upload files.

Telnet. Telnet is the Internet application used to access distant computers. Telnet can be used if we have the IP address with the User ID and Password to the computer.

Ping. Ping Packet Internet Gopher is used to determine whether the computer that we use to connect to other computers on the internet.

Similarly, the various applications that exist on the internet and probably many more

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