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Voice over Internet Protocol or simply VoIP is technology to provide transmissions of voice above the Internet. It is an alternative to the traditional service of telephone with the high quality of voice and the more accessible basic calls.

These telephones are the option accessible to the traditional telephone services and you can keep your existing number, and obtain a free adapter of telephone and Vonage to Vonage calls plus great international rates. There is also large forum and the news divides about where you can learn all to the Juste what occurs in this new world impassioning of the telephones. With Vonage you can save up to 50% on your invoice of telephone and they have even a current offer of promotion which includes one month free of service, a free router and more.



  1. Using VoIP can significantly reduce your telecommunications costs. You can use your VoIP system anywhere not depending on where you are, for example, in business trip, in hotel, or at home. Also, you can talk on your laptop. VoIP systems allow you to do things that are simply not possible with traditional phone technology. You can talk as often and as long as you like for free.
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