What benefit Facebook buys instagram?

Development of several social networking sites are increasingly providing many benefits to internet users. The same thing is happening on Facebook. As one social networking site of the greatest, Facebook seems to always give the best for its users. Facebook has recently also been acquired photo-sharing service, which is instagram. With facebook buys instagram and purchased their service, then automatically all the features on instagram can be directly integrated with Facebook, such as photo sharing, uploading images, video streaming, and some other services.

facebook buys instagramYou also still can store various pictures on instagram with several features that have been improved. With Facebook buys instagram by certainly be one of progress for the world of social networking, especially when seen from the number of users of these services is increasing.

Besides can be integrated directly with Facebook, you could also use some of the applications available on Android market, so it will be increasingly easier for users to select various features and photo sharing facilities and other services. There are some features that are fairly complete. With substantial financial support from Facebook, of course, the features of the instagram will be improved.

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