What do you think About Google’s glass?

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Gadgets this one is still the most innovative products of some gadgets products on the market. Google glass is a gadget that is quite revolutionary because some functions can be performed in a mobile device, or better known as wearable gadgets. You can use this device to communicate, enjoy the music, look at a map, photograph, and a variety of activities that you normally do through a smartphone.

best google glass features inside

But how do you know if viewed in terms of convenience of use? When compared with some similar products, such as smart glasses from Epson, this product of course more convenient because of their smaller size. Similarly, in terms of the features present in it, it looks like Google’s glass is the most complete and multifunctional.

The one drawback that may still be a problem is the price is relatively expensive when compared to a smartphone or similar products. We should be able to choose a product that suits your needs and also functions. But if you just follow the trend alone, might not hurt to answer the curiosity towards this one product. So, the choice up to your consideration, which one is the best gadget to support your activity. I think some of these gadget will be upgrade with some features and facilities so that gadget lover can use more convenience.

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