What iOS 7 inside after Launch in Few month Ago?

After launching iOS 7 to the public on 19 September 2013 ago, Apple’s cash being crowded discussed in various online media. Pros and cons of the latest design iOS 7 was not inevitable. But definitely for iOS device users, with iOS 7 install them as if they had a new gadget.

ios 7 apps for your gadget

Of course, iOS 7 comes with a variety of the latest features that do not exist on the OS on the iPhone and iPad before. Here are 11 of the latest features provided by iOS 7 :

Control Center
Users will be spoiled by the ease of this center control features. Just a way to swipe from the bottom of the screen, the control center will provide a flashlight, stop watch, calculator, camera, network setup, setup brigthness, volume setup, water play and the lock screen. Pretty cool is not it?

Slide to Unlock gesture latest
Unlike the previous OS which is required to slide in a certain area to unlock the device. Now users simply do slide anywhere in the screen to unlock the device.

In iOS 7 is very rich in animation that is very smooth and sharp. For example, in the game are animated bubble center.

New in iOS 7 is Apple provide wallpapers in no small quantity and the quality is excellent.

If you’re a mac OS user would be familiar with the spotlight feature. Spotlight is a feature to search all existing data on your iOS device. Spotlight can be accessed by way of a swipe from the top of the screen iOS device.

Zooming Apps
Zooming Apps is a new experience that is applied when the user opens or closes the application on iOS 7. The screen will look like zooming in when entered into the application and zoom out when exiting the application.

Photo organization
Images and pictures are now displayed which are classified into groups in a time when the photo was taken and location photo.

There is no limit Apps within Folders
Now the iOS device users do not have to worry about the limited applications that can be incorporated into a folder, because iOS 7 does not limit the number of applications that can be inserted into a folder.

New Ringtones
Apple made a big progress, finally iOS devices have a variety of diverse ringtone and in good quality.

Apps Preview
With a double tap on the home button, then you will be able to see the entire application is currently open. Simply swipe up to close the desired application.

Similarly, some of the newest applications that you can get on Apple’s latest OS. Hopefully it can further optimize the use of mobile devices on your daily life.

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