What is NFC Features and Functions on Smartphone?

What is the NFC? Simply put NFC is a device to exchange data with other devices. Slowly but surely began to feature NFC embedded on the smartphone latest smartphone with various design, like start-class, high-end to mid-end, no longer a low-end also seems to feel it. I found the article quite interesting from the PG site that discusses the NFC.

nfc for smartphones

What is the NFC?
NFC ( Near Field Communication ) is a standard that allows smartphones and other devices to communicate while on hold. NFC works like RFID, but NFC has a shorter range than RFID. Roughly about 4 inc NFC capabilities.

Device is equipped with NFC can communicate with other NFC devices called with NFC tags. NFC tags are chips that have no electrical power draw from a nearby smartphone or other NFC devices. They do not need batteries or a power source itself. So in conclusion, NFC come to replace the QR code.

To connect or attach NFC need to unite the two NFC devices. Let’s say you have two smartphones which has NFC feature, when you stick them back to back. If you have enough paste NFC tags behind the smartphones which has NFC for the NFC tag.

Currently NFC device its is included in many smartphones, there Nexus on Android 4, Galaxy Nexus , Nexus S , Galaxy S III and HTC One X. In Windows Phone Nokia Lumia Series there, HTC Windows Phone 8X and Blackberry as well have it. But unfortunately for the iPhone is still not there.

What Usefulness of NFC?
In America, the use of mobile payments has been very popular. So NFC works such as MasterCard PayPass and MasterCard or credit card. So a smartphone equipped with NFC and brought closer to NFC -enabled payment terminal will serve as a means of payment. You no longer need a credit card. Methods such as Google Wallet NFC. In San Francisco, NFC is used as a means of payment of parking.

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