What is offered by RIM on OS 7.1

Blackberry has recently introduced several improvements to existing features in the OS 7 as they would in response to growing consumer demand. Improvements made to the OS 7.1 bring some excellent features that have been awaited by smartphone users. Some of these features include mobile hotspot and also FM Radio. Here are some features that can direct you to enjoy after doing some OS upgrades, which are:

Mobile hotspot: the existence of mobile hotspot on the OS this is one feature that is expected by users of this product. As with several Android devices, mobile hotspot from Blackberry also offers the ability to share the connection with the five units at once.

Wi-Fi calls: with this feature you can make phone calls to fellow Blackberry devices using Wi-Fi connection. This feature can also be one of the mainstays of the most interesting for you to try.

Blackberry NFC Tag: with this feature you can use a smartphone for various purposes, such as Blackberry Messenger contacts, URL, photo, as well as several other applications.

Autosuggestion: with this feature of search results will be more accurate and relevant, especially because of the support of BING search engine.

FM Radio: FM radio with additional features on your smartphone would be added value for you in your daily activities.


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