What is the best, 3G or EVDO?

For users of mobile wireless devices, of course, often face problems related to network quality is not it? There are several types of mobile wireless that you can use. If some time ago we could use a 3G-based mobile facilities, especially for mobile devices that are operated with GSM technology, there are currently several EVDO-based network services that use CDMA technology. Of the two types of network, which is best? I think questions like this is very relative, this is because the characteristics of a network is usually more influenced by geographical factors and also the location of such networks.

3 g and evdoBut if you look in general, particularly in terms of costs to pay for such services, it seems more promising EVDO applications. How? There are several technologies that have been developed extensively, where they mostly use CDMA applications, in addition to the features that are more complete, the applications that exist in some of their products claimed to be cheaper and also more convenient, especially for those who have high mobility in using the mobile device.

Several mobile devices are now also has started to make some changes in technology, particularly for reasons of effectiveness and efficiency. With some of the latest technology at their disposal, I think we as users can be more selective in choosing a mobile product, if you want to choose a 3G or EVDO, all decisions are to yourself. But if the condition is not possible, I think we can choose according to our desires, especially if the connectivity is pretty good reason we can be, is not a reference to determine the best.


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