What’s New in Apple iLife ’11

On Apple Special Event October 20, 2010 , Steve Jobs introducing iLife ’11 and this is pre installed for every New Purchased Mac. You can get it separately for old Mac user with 49$ and 79$ for Family Pack. The Major Improvement only happen on iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band. iWeb and iDVD didn’t made any changes from latest update.

iPhoto 11 Gallery
iPhoto 11 Gallery

iPhoto ’11 Updated

New Full-Screen Modes
Use every inch of your display to browse and edit your photos.

Facebook Enhancements
Share your photos and view comments without ever leaving iPhoto.

Emailing Photos
Send your photos in email designed to earn you oohs and aahs.

iGarage ’11 Updated

iLife 11Movie Trailers
In a world of boring home videos, one feature made them fun.

All-New Audio Editing
Exactly what every filmmaker dreams of. More control.

One-Step Effects
With one click, home movies are suddenly so Hollywood.

Garage Band ’11 Updated

Flex Time
Keep your songs in rhythm with this quick timing fix.

Groove Matching

Instantly match the rhythm of your whole band to a single track.

Guitar Amps and Effects
Re-create the sound of legendary guitar rigs and

You can check more details about iLife ’11 you can check it here


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