What’s News on Yahoo Mail Beta

Yahoo Mail beta updates their service again, Yahoo adds some interfaces to make users more easy and enjoy to read email. One that I don’t like from Yahoo Mail beta is: speed, speed and speed.

Let’s check some screen shoot on New Yahoo Mail beta interface.

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Check box Interfaces

Yahoo Mail beta - Check box Interfaces

Integrated with Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Mail beta - Integrated with Yahoo Messenger

8 thoughts on “What’s News on Yahoo Mail Beta

  1. Tampaknya Yahoo berusaha menyaingi Gmail ya :p
    Kalo aku masih memilih gmail. Yahoo sudah terlalu banyak yang pakai, dan gak bisa ditambahi “titik/dot” di usernamenya :(

    1. Yahoo Mail Launched before GMail..

      And about Yahoo doesn’t support DOT? this is not true, if you are Yahoo Mail Premium users, you can do it, try to sent me email to:
      n.jauhari [at] yahoo.com :)>-

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