Which one you Choose? Blogspot or WordPress?

Blogging is still a trend in the cyberspace world, no matter how it turns increased social networking blogging activity is no less increased. For those who just want to start a blog, there is a basic question that sometimes, what platform should I use?

blogspot vs wordpress

There are two platforms are the most widely used as a medium of blogging is blogspot and wordpress. The debate between the two platforms is also still ongoing because every person has a different perspective in looking at her. So do not be surprised if someone says that Blogger was the best option but some are denied and said that WordPress is better. To facilitate the reader, the following brief info about these two platforms.

If you ‘ve just started a blog, I think blogger is the most appropriate choice for learning. Blogger has an interface that is easy to understand. If you are planning to use the domain in the future, you only need to pay the purchase while the blogger.com domain only provide hosting for free. For design problems, provides so many design bloggers. If less, you can edit the HTML or download designs provided by a third party.

Just like blogger, wordpress actually can also be used as a learning phase, but some people take it a bit tricky when compared to the blogger interface. Excess wordpress than blogger is its ability to support a PHP script that wordpress is a good option for who is a web programmer. But unfortunately you have to spend a lot more if you plan to use your own domain because wordpress just provide free hosting for subdomains.

In conclusion, between Blogger and WordPress have advantages and disadvantages of each to choose . Blogger is a great choice for beginners because it is very easy to learn. While WordPress with support for multiple scripts and also access to the database is used as a very appropriate if an organization or company website. The choice is in your hands because no matter what platform you use, the most important thing is how the spirit of the blog you are sharing information on the reader. Hopefully this article can give benefit to the reader.

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