Why They are Switch to WordPress?

Everybody goes to WordPress! Maybe this is ridiculous, but this is true for some reason. موقع اسغارد When the first time I started blogging. I was try to use several blogging tools, and after I found WordPress I enjoy with it and still used for my daily blogging. And Today I was find another blogger that switch from Blogger.com to WordPress. Snoskred.org, She is 32 year old woman who currently lives on the South Coast of New South Wales.


This is more detail about Snoskred

What Does The Word Snoskred Mean?

Snoskred = Avalanche in Norwegian. It is quite the unique name. Tip to bloggers just starting out – choose a name nobody else is using – then people will always know it is you!

Where Did Snoskred Come From?

Snoskred was born in Blackwood, South Australia. مجموعة اليورو 2023 For the first 20 years of her life she lived with her parents. She then moved into a share house where she was the only girl – vs 4 boys! Consequently she began to feel love towards a clean kitchen and bathroom, and develop a phobia for germs which still haunts her today.

Where Is Snoskred Now?

Snoskred lives on the South Coast of New South Wales – approximately 3 hours drive from Sydney and 4 hours drive from Canberra. Of course in her Ford XR5 Turbo, it takes a bit less time than that.

I don’t know why her switch from Blogger.com to WordPress? But this maybe answer the question. WordPress is one largest and powerful blogging engine, there are a lot of plugins, and free themes. Another reason is, WordPress is east to customized.

Let’s talk about Snoskred.org again, The WordPress version really cute and design with 3 columns layout two right sidebar, use blue color for main background and add Big Tittle with some animal images on the header. For overall I enjoy to read post on Snoskred.org, I think there are will be more Blogger running WordPress in the future.


  1. The reason for switching is simple – blogger does not give bloggers enough control over things.

    Recently blogger has put in their own robots.txt which none of us have access to, we cannot change it. It directs search engines to use the RSS feed as the “sitemap”. This means if you have a feed footer, it will appear in every post which is indexed. Duplicate content, anyone?

    Everyone on wordpress can create their own sitemap, they have so much more control over things. Plus the blogs look a lot better.

    You have created some fantastic themes – I was considering using a couple of them. 😉


  2. Sometimes ‘easy’ is not the choice. For me, taste is more than user friendly :-\”

    Mine using movabletype, that more frustating than wordpress. But since the first time up till now, I still use it :d

    1. You are right Mr. Aryo it’s about choice and for some reason many new blogger very consider with word “Easy”.

      That why WordPress Become POPULAR 😉

  3. because wordpress is just the best! eh, mas jauhari, saya suka liat-liat templatesnya loh. bagus-bagus banget! jadi pengen diajarin :d

  4. Hi …
    The beauty of opensource is that we have so many choices out there.
    It’s only a matter of taste.
    If you like wordpress … go for it.
    If you like moveable type or serendipity … you can get them also.

    Each choice has it’s pros and cons.

    But of course I choose wordpress 🙂

  5. I had been using WordPress for eight months, then decided to start a new blog using a differsent software…

    Big mistake, in my opinion. I tried Textpattern, Movable Type, Nucleus, Joomla!, etc., none of which has the flexibility and “ease of use” as WordPress.

    So of course, I went back. 🙂 And I love it now more than ever!

    BTW, I’m using one of your themes, and I love it. keep up the good work! I just might donate some money to your coffee fund tomorrow!

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