Will Facebook users has Decreased?

If the observed recent years, it seems that there are some features on Facebook is not experiencing much change, even monotonous. If the condition is not addressed by the addition of various features and facilities, it is not impossible that Facebook users will decline. It is based on several surveys on social media during the period of several years.

best facebook features

Applications and features available on Facebook does not provide a lot of options, especially for the latest features that can be integrated with multiple mobile devices, so users can more freely interact with fellow members Faceboook. This condition actually has become sort of a separate program for Facebook in the future, but it seems to have been no definite realization, though now there are a few extra features on the front page of Facebook.

Some of the obstacles that may still be a problem is the number of users who have leveled off, so this will greatly affect the condition of Facebook itself, including in terms of the amount of the investment in additional features. If this condition is not immediately find a solution, particularly in providing more value to its users, then Facebook would certainly suffer like its predecessor, is Friendster.

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