WordPress 2.9.2 Released

wp logoI’ve just upgrade my personal blog into WordPress 2.9.2 this morning. There are some critical issue update beside vulnerability bug fixed. I think it’s very useful when the website has many writer content like this blog for example. The critical issue is WordPress fixing Trash facility that already launch in previous version WordPress 2.9.

At the first released of Trash facility all user can see the trash even that was not their own trash post. So, it might could be deleted by other user or something else to do. Beside this trash problem there are other bug fixed that will decrease the security problems and make this WordPress CMS more powerful.

So, by upgrading into WordPress 2.9.2 we can manage our blog/website become better and better. I hope Jauhari will upgrade this blog soon.


  1. Hello Sir,

    I have to update wordpress 1.5.1 to 2.9.2 .I can do it,but the problem is with database.The database tables are different from latest version.so how to retain all the database to new wordpress version without loosing any data from database.

    With Regards,

    1. I haven’t experience upgrading from 1.5.1 to 2.9.2
      The distance is too far, because the database structure completely different. My suggestion try to upgrade manually step by step.
      Example :
      Version 1.5.1 –> 2.0
      Version 2.0 –>2.5
      Version 2.5 –>2.6
      Version 2.6 –> 2.8
      Version 2.8 –2.9.2

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