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Wrapper is a Joomla component that is installed automatically (default) on joomla Installer Packages. Wrapper Is it? And whether the joomla wrapper function? The following little description of Wrapper. Wrapper is a component which we can use to open another website in joomla our web site. For example if we create a wrapper that fell on google.com link so when users do click the menu that we created with the wrapper will open the google.com web in our joomla web site.

How to use Joomla Wrapper is to create a new menu that is new on the menu click (choose the menu that we want input on the wrapper or any other main menu) and select the wrapper. Type the name of the menu and do not forget to also enter the URL address that we want wrapper. Set the width and configuration of the high wrapper component parameters and then click apply or save. How to use several templates for joomla web is not too difficult for us to do, but have we ever noticed the look of a web joomla template? joomla web note, sometimes using multiple templates at once. If on the home page by using the template A could be on another page that uses an existing template B or C. Are we joomla web be like that? And he said, joomla web we can certainly use some templates. Here’s a tutorial how to use several templates Joomla.

Login as an administrator in the backend joomla. If not already installed, the template you wish to view please you first install menu Specify that you want to create a template (if no please make first), then select the template manager in the drop down menu and select Extensions second template you’ll use and then specify on which pages of this second template will be used.



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