Wrong Usage Of Underline

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Worst Underline and Link UsageI ever wrote about the reason why link should be underlined. Just now I found a website that made me confused while reading their page. As shown on the screenshoot, if you see it on the first sight, you will be confused: which one is link, which one is not?.

You may check it, but do not forget to leave your comments.

Written by Arief Fajar Nursyamsu
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  1. menurut saya link tidak harus di underline tetapi harus berbeda secara visual dengan teks biasa, dan hover effect adalah essential untuk text link dimana akan lebih meng-indikasikan bahwa text tersebut adalah link.

    tetapi untuk penekanan seperti website diatas underline memang kurang pas, lebih cocok bold atau pewarnaan yang berbeda.

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