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My previous post said that I had setup a forum for WordPress using Simple Forum plugin by Andy Staines. This post is still about the plugin for my forum that is to show the Yahoo Messenger (YM) status of online admin to provide online support for forum members.

The plugin to handle this job is writen by Huda Toriq. This plugin worked as expected and has many features, such as:

  • Support for multi YahooID
  • Allows you to custom your own status image

allow_url_fopen and or cURL extension shoud be enabled on the server to run this plugin.

Written by Arief Fajar Nursyamsu
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8 Replies to “Yahoo Online Status Plugin For WordPress”

  1. mas mau tanya apakah ada plugin wordpress yg bergungsi agar jawaban comment terkirim ke email pemberi comment, tanpa harus replay dari email, tapi langsung dari admin wp

  2. Bisa dicontohkan status pluginnya seperti apa mas? Dan mau tanyanih kalo pasang info links tuh ntar PR nya ada kemungkinan drop gak? kan itu pk script?

  3. Thank you for reviewing it :). But let me add some correction note regarding the server’s allow_url_fopen and cURL setting. You only need one of them, not both :)

    good luck for your forum

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