Yahoo! Open Shortcuts

Wow amazing and wonderfull, Yahoo release they search tool, yes Yahoo! Shortcut this wonderfull, with this shortcut we can maintenance add/delete our own shortcut or use standar Yahoo! shortcut.

Sent email:
Just type in keyword form !mail [email protected] and and go, you will directly to you Yahoo! mail and ready to compose message.

Search Amazon
Just type in keyword form !amazon your seach than go! you will redirect to Amazon and get the result. πŸ˜€
And many more….


  1. gile dah yahoo makin banyak aja featurenya. tadi siang gw iseng2 browsing feature2nya yahoo.. anjrid makin banyak n oke aja.. salah 1nya widgets.. tapi inet gw lelet bbbgd parah mo download widgets2 dr gallery aja lelet bgd -_- trus answers nya ga usa bayar lg kek di google :p tapi ini kata2nya pendek2 ya hehe

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