Your prototype car for Future

When driving a car, one of the most frustrating thing is to find a parking space. For the number of scientists in the United States designed a unique vehicle that not only can bring you travel, but you can also tote that can be taken anywhere.

future electrical car

Dubbed Trikelet, the vehicle is claimed to be the smallest electric-powered vehicle in the world. Just like a suitcase, not only can carry, small vehicles can also be dragged due to the workings of smart folding scooters that can transform into a compact trolley.

Citing Gizmag page, slick design concept makes the wheels Trikelet be stored neatly so that the wheel is dirty due to dust of the road will not be a trace on the floor.

Not only that, with three wheels are mounted, you do not have to worry about balance when driving – even when you drive it very slowly.

According to the creator who was not named, Trikelet using 500-700 W motor that can travel up to 15 miles, with a top speed of 20 miles per hour. About the power consumption, means of transport is called consume 1 kWh of electricity per 70 km.

But unfortunately, Trikelet still a prototype and is not yet available on the market. If you’ve entered the final stage, for U.S. $ 1,400 to U.S. $ 2,000. Until now, several designs are undergoing some improvements and increased functionality for more comfortable when used.

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