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Zookoda LogoWhen I started with blogging behind in 2004 I knew only another blogger and both begun us on Blogspot. Back pretence, I do not have any idea how I gained even a visitor. Magic, I guess. In fact its major part was an tireless promotion campaign which was composed to leave my bond in the forum where I attended and presenting its observations on others blogs people. Nowadays the new race of the bloggers has all cuts. Are not only the terrible engines of blog (WordPress really became impressive) they to have also a certain respect of the public as a whole and all the modern types of toys, like the email of Zookoda.

You could wonder that very the same question, thus me will try to explain it to best of my capacity. Zookoda is a company of blog email which gives to bloggers a new manner of being connected to the readers. It enables you to send a daily, weekly summary or monthly magazine of your last posts of blog to the E-mail address of your visitors. I think that this could be a great service for bloggers.

Many people do not know RSS functions and do not know thus exactly when you update your blog. Everyone which is on the Internet most probably has an E-mail address however, and the E-mail is something which they can employ. So fundamental, Zookoda can primarily help you to continue visitors to return on your site on a more regular basis whereas they made front! If that seems to you good, outward journey are registered! I think that I will be registered very soon!




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