Application rescue all in one on lazesoft recovery suite

Lost partition due to virus? The data is not accidentally deleted? Forgot your password to log into windows? Or have had failed boot? Instead of looking for different applications to solve last solution, you better use a single application that can do it all. All solutions can be obtained using lazesoft recovery suite. There are five major functions in its offer, among which burn CD / USB disk, This function is useful to create a bootable tool recover from the existing system and store it in keeping CD or a USB drive. Later you can use if the operating system cannot boot process.

Function is already encompasses other functions inside the windows recovery, password recovery and disk image & clone. Special password recovery, can only be used to save the password windows when going to log, instead of passwords in general. While the data recovery functions can be utilized to restore data lost due to deleted. This function can still be used to restore data lost due to deleted. This function is divided into two special rescue and rescue partition file.

Successful search will be displayed in the form of a preview so you can sort the data first going to be saved. The process is fairly quick and accurate search. Lazesoft recovery suites divided into 3 issue of the professional, server and unlimited. The third is a paid application. if you want to try it first, you can install the free edition version which features possess the least paid.

Three powerful solution to overcome data loss 
These applications address the problems of data recovery using three selection methods. The first, restore the deleted data from the recycle bin. The second, to restore any kind of lost data by various causes, whether due to deletion, crash, a virus, hard disk is damaged, or otherwise. Process rescue this method of course requires more time than the first method. Lastly, you can use it to restore lost partitions.

Before the search, you can determine what kind of file to be saved so that the search process becomes faster and more accurately. EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is available in 5 editions, namely: free, standard, professional, WinPE, and unlimited. In the free version, you could only save the data with a capacity of not more than 1 GB only. You need to upgrade to the paid version if you want to save the data capacity of more than 1GB.

Surprisingly, in addition to those limitations, another feature that is owned free and paid versions did not experience much of a difference. So you can take advantage of other features freely while not exceeding the capacity of the data already in tentukan.ada one feature that is not shared by all editions, except for WinPE edition. These features may be bootable which contains a minimalist application shown by familiar windows. With it, you can boot to a CD and perform a rescue from here. Supports rescue network, to hardware failure.

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