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How Network Monitoring Services Can Save $1.7 Billion a Year

In these lean times every dollar of revenue counts, as does every dollar spent to safeguard those revenues. Can you afford to lose $1.7 billion a year? Of course not. But that’s how much network outages cost U.S. businesses on average each year. According to a recent survey from CDW, 97 percent of business owners said they suffered detrimental effects due to a network outage. This includes a loss of… Read Article →

How Facebook And Social Networking Are Bringing Us Closer Together Than Ever Before

Some critics say that social networks, although keeping us electronically connected, actually isolate us from the real world. While social networks can skyrocket us to popularity through faster accumulation of ‘cyber friends’ and speedier exchanges of ideas, opinions or just trivial accounts of our days, all the interactions take place in a cyber world—much different from the ‘real’ one. Despite this criticism, it can not be denied that social networks… Read Article →

Balancing The Inflated Excitement Web Designers Have For Modern Web Browsers

The modern web browsers have made the web designers gung ho about their cool new features. However, till the old browser phase out is complete the designers need to think of the different types of web users. 2011 has been a memorable and eventful year for the web design and development industry. This is because a number of version upgrades have come out from the companies making leading web browsers…. Read Article →

How To Block Ads on Google Chrome

Firefox has been the browser of choice of technical savvy users for many years but recently more and more are switching to Google Chrome. And there are several reasons for that, too: Chrome uses less memory, it has a better download manager and in general it just seems to work faster. But what about the addons that make browsing with Firefox so comfortable? Google Chrome is offering extensions and apps… Read Article →

How to download the Online Casino?

If you want to play some casino games, such as Blackjack you will need to download a renowned Online Casino. Here are some tips for the Online Casino Download. Every Casino Software Vendor has its own kind of Download. Not every Casino in the world wide web can be easily and safely downloaded. There is always a risk and you should get informed well before using or downloading any online… Read Article →