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Is WordPress Suitable For Business?

Is WordPress Suitable For Business? I will get right to the answer so you do not have to read the whole article: yes, absolutely. However, if you would like to know more, please continue reading.

WordPress Merchandise
WordPress Merchandise

If you are small/medium business owner who sells reasonably complex products (services, usually), you probably want:

  • A good-looking website
  • Great functionality, but easy maintenance
  • The ability to keep touch with the social crowd (Blogging! Social media!)
  • Unharmed SEO potential
  • An affordable price for creation and support

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Wireless Internet Entertainment More Affordable With Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The Apple iPad introduced the so-called “tablet revolution” into consumer electronics. A tablet is a miniaturized computer, complete with touch screen technology and a liquid crystal display (LCD) backlit by light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet
Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

The features that a tablet can sport include surfing the Internet, reading books, viewing movies and TV shows, and other media or entertainment opportunities. The main thrust of the advertising surrounding the iPad and its successor the iPad 2 is the ability to essentially hold the Internet in the palm of your hand. This is the driver of the tablet revolution as other companies make and market their own devices to capitalize on the idea that Apple has introduced.

Amazon, the world-famous online retailer, has now entered the fray with the pending release of the Kindle Fire. The release of their best-selling Kindle electronic reader has catapulted Amazon directly into the ring of top contenders in that market. Now the Kindle Fire holds out the possibility of denting Apple’s position as the undisputed king of the tablet mountain. The Kindle Fire is radically cheaper than the iPad 2, to the tune of over $300 less in price, but it does not boast the same amount of features. Continue reading

LogoBee: Creative logo design that pays off

The internet has been around for quite a while now, but its true capacities never cease to amaze us. Back in the day, when the World Wide Web was first born, few people had access to what was then an exclusive online world of simple HTML websites with clunky graphics and unsightly layouts. Nowadays, virtually everyone is connected to the information superhighway, and you are virtually a nobody if you don’t have a website!

LogoBee Website
LogoBee Website

LogoBee is a one of the very first online logo design companies. You could say it has grown with the web. It has experienced a fascinating evolution over the years. LogoBee is a company that has moved with the times, and still keeps doing so. Over 10 years ago, back when LogoBee was only getting started, logo design was being used primarily for letterheads, shop fronts and product packaging. Today, those services are still required, but the internet boom has a lot to answer for. Most people will, before visiting a physical store, research the products and services that they want to buy online, so it stands to reason that if you’re going to be a success on the Net, you need an attractive, memorable and easy to use website that your customers will remember and visit time and time again. Continue reading

How Network Monitoring Services Can Save $1.7 Billion a Year

In these lean times every dollar of revenue counts, as does every dollar spent to safeguard those revenues. Can you afford to lose $1.7 billion a year? Of course not. But that’s how much network outages cost U.S. businesses on average each year.

Network Monitoring Services
Network Monitoring Services

According to a recent survey from CDW, 97 percent of business owners said they suffered detrimental effects due to a network outage. This includes a loss of productivity, loss of customer or employee communications, and even a complete business shutdown. To avoid falling victim to these outages, your business needs proactive, staffed network monitoring services that will ensure your servers and critical applications are watched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. iGLASS Networks can make that happen. Continue reading

How Facebook And Social Networking Are Bringing Us Closer Together Than Ever Before

Some critics say that social networks, although keeping us electronically connected, actually isolate us from the real world. While social networks can skyrocket us to popularity through faster accumulation of ‘cyber friends’ and speedier exchanges of ideas, opinions or just trivial accounts of our days, all the interactions take place in a cyber world—much different from the ‘real’ one.

Example Social Networking Models
Example Social Networking Models

Despite this criticism, it can not be denied that social networks not only bring us together but also keep us from drifting apart—and that, some would say, is much more important than differentiating the cyber world from the ‘real’ one. Continue reading

Balancing The Inflated Excitement Web Designers Have For Modern Web Browsers

The modern web browsers have made the web designers gung ho about their cool new features. However, till the old browser phase out is complete the designers need to think of the different types of web users.

2011 has been a memorable and eventful year for the web design and development industry. This is because a number of version upgrades have come out from the companies making leading web browsers. It is undeniable that the majority of website designprofessionals create website keeping the IE users in mind, but that scene may change soon enough.

Design for Modern Web Browser
Design for Modern Web Browser

Website designing has itself undergone some noticeable changes owing to factors like user demand, SEO implementation, arrival of modern scripting languages etc. However, a section of web design professionals seem to be overly excited about the new cutting edge features offered by the modern web browsers. While the features offered by the latest releases of browsers like Chrome and Firefox are remarkable, it could be a little too early to start designing websites with an aim to utilize all these features. Continue reading

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