Choosing Web Hosting Provider Based On Customer Reviews

Web Hosting Geeks LogoCustomer reviews sometime take major part in the successful of product sales. Reviews can be vary from the product it self or the sales person. It is also important in the web hosting business. Imagine if you buy a web space and one day after, it can not be used anymore. Or maybe you want to ask for a help from their sales person but they are ignoring you. What about if you write it or tell others about the product or sales person in the hope that they will listen to you? What about if the people who love this product (and the sales person?) also want to write about it too? Then where is the place where both kind of reviews meet?

You can find both kind of web hosting reviews (negative or positive) at WebHostingGeeks.Com. You may also submit your review about your current web hosting provider to let the providers know or help other people out there who are still finding the right web hosting for them. If it is good than you can recommend it to others. If you think you are not satisfied with their service, then someone can learn about it and choosing better web hosting.

In Javanese culture, choosing (buying) a house is like looking for a soul mate. If it doesn’t fit, than you can not pursue for it. Buying a web space from a web hosting company is a solution rather than maintain your own web server that will cost you much. Since your web space is the place where you put your website, then you should avoid choosing web hosting providers which have bad reputations and down often. Your website is just like your home. You should not take any risk on it.

WebHostingGeeks.Com website has a clear navigation to help you find web hosting that suits with your need. If you are new or want to learn more about web hosting, you should check their web hosting articles section.

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11 Responses to Choosing Web Hosting Provider Based On Customer Reviews

  1. Yes it is really cheaper web hosting service.

  2. Yes.. i really like review from webhostinggeeks.. i try almost web hosting like greengeeks, its good hosting with services. and now i have choose hosting at Gogetux Hosting

  3. Dominik says:

    Yes, people should read customer reviews before choosing a web hosting company.

  4. Mike Willson says:

    I use and never had any problems. They have lot of good and cheap services and also excellent support. I pay only $4.99 for web hosting a month and they offer 99.99% up time guarantee. With every new non-domain account they give domain name for just $3.99, and also have a big number possibilities for international international domain names registration

    Their website address:

    This is good web hosting service and I suggest it to all


  5. aluisita says:

    I’m currently happy on Webhostinggeeks option. but I found other web host link on this site they give good option too. It was great if we have so many web host option for the best choice.

  6. Vibhu says:

    WebHostinggeeks is top hosting directory on Google & Yahoo. Would like to list my hosting company in their directory.

  7. Stanium says:

    My experience tells me that choosing a web hosting based on price often results in paying eventually more than I initially save :)

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  9. Rob says:

    What about choosing it based on price? :-?

    cause I am cheap :d

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