Firefox goes mobile

Mozilla Firefox Mobile Code Name Fennec

Mozilla Firefox Mobile Code Name Fennec

This is what i’m waiting for long time, Firefox goes mobile. The Code Name was Fennec and realesed the alpha 1. Unforunately Fennec support only at Nokia N810, If you’re viewing this on an N810, install Fennec. But, Fennec also available to test at Desktop and you could try this in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

I hope at the final released this Fennec was better than any other mobile browser and it could run under Java application.

I have tried at my ubuntu, and here the screenshot

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8 Responses to Firefox goes mobile

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  3. jauhari says:

    sabar aja mas.. siapa tau Versi lain segera menyusull.. versi MOBILE saya masih percaya ama OPERA ;)

  4. vrempire says:

    That fox logo looks kinda quite except the big ear resembling something like the big bat ear. Who cares as long it is working :D

  5. ara says:

    yah, kenapa cuma N81,,.,,


  6. fie says:

    [-o< yup... jangan lupa buat MIDP

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