Firefox Hits 15.85 Million Download in The First 48 Hours

Latest Mozilla Firefox 4.0 hit new record, in The First 48 Hours has been reached 15.85 million download. You can check this info-graphics for more details

Firefox 4-infogrpahic-48hours

Firefox 4-infogrpahic-48hours


Pindom also created nicely infographics, this graphics based on Firefox since 2004. You can check it below.  The infographic details the browser’s timeline, marketshare and assorted usage stats.

Firefox infographic by Royal Pingdom

Firefox infographic by Royal Pingdom


There are many statistics, this is example stats based on the former according to Net Applications, the latter according to StatCounter. Firefox currently has a worldwide market share of anywhere from 22% to 31%.

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  1. saya juga sudah pakai…

  2. Nice stats Firefox did a great job in justifying their top ranking in web browser.

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